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Don't be the next zero-day victim

In light of recent cyber attacks on Health Sciences NorthSault Area HospitalThe Town of Wasaga BeachThe Town of Midland, and many other Canadian companies, it is clear that cyber security is more important than ever, and not just traditional anti-virus and firewall software. In fact, small business tend to be targeted because they have weaker defenses than large enterprises. While security is seen as a priority for large enterprises, most small businesses believe they will not be targeted by cyber attacks. However, because of this mentality, cyber criminals see them as low-hanging fruit.

Here are some ways you can save your company money while also keeping your data secure:

  • Use multi-factor authentication on company devices

  • Require strong passwords from all employees

  • Train employees on cybersecurity best practices

  • Invest in an all-encompassing security solution

  • Regularly update software

While many companies may not see justification in investing in a security solution, the savings from not purchasing security are minuscule compared to the cost of a data breach. Research in 2018 shows that ransomware attacks are costing individual businesses an average of $833,716 per annum.

To protect against these increasingly sophisticated threats, organisations must take an interconnected, holistic approach to security. One of the most effective strategies is to combine technologies that can identify threats across the enterprise network and act to prevent them in concert before they can spread. Integrating a firewall solution with a next-gen protection platform, allows the two solutions to work together and provide complete, integrated security.

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