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Citrix ShareFile x Gibraltar Solutions

2017-09-26 13.34.15.jpg

On September 26, 2017, Citrix and Gibraltar Solutions held a seminar to introduce and explain the benefits of cloud sharing and Citrix ShareFile. They were joined by representatives from the Town of Milton who also provided a presentation to explain their experience using Citrix ShareFile and illustrate how it benefitted their specific case. 

The event had a variety of guests from different companies across various markets including engineering, healthcare, municipalities, education and small to medium businesses. The seminar began with a presentation by William Mallory and Victor Racioppi from Citrix, who explained in depth what Citrix ShareFile is and how it can benefit companies.

Guests learned about how their businesses can benefit from Citrix ShareFile by enabling

  • easy internal and external collaboration
  • next generation file access services from everywhere
  • true integration with Office 365 and other applications
  • automation of document workflow

There was also a short Q&A session after the presentation in which William and Victor were able to go in-depth with case-specific questions from guests. 

After the Citrix ShareFile presentation, Frank Adili, the Senior IT Manager from Town of Milton and Paul Pagani, the Manager of Technology Architecture for the Town of Milton gave a presentation on how they improved efficiency, security, and user experience using Citrix ShareFile. This presentation was also followed by a Q&A panel with questions answered by representatives from Citrix, the Town of Milton and Gibraltar Solutions respectively. 

The seminar finished off with a networking session along with complimentary food and drinks, where guests were able to follow up with their Gibraltar Solutions representative in order to address any concerns or desires after the presentation. 

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