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Upcoming Tech Trends for 2018

With the new year well underway, a number of rising technology trends will become increasingly apparent for business IT. Here are some of the key technology trends that will be affecting businesses in the upcoming year:

1. Growing importance of cyber security 

2017 saw numerous cyber attacks causing costly damage and revealing private data of millions of files from a number of large enterprises. With events such as the Equifax breach and the WannaCry ransomware attacks in 2017, cyber security will be a top priority for enterprises in 2018. Multi-factor authentification, risk-based authorization, threat detection and response strategies will be essential to protecting enterprises from the aftermath of data breaches and cyber attacks this year.

2. Cloud becomes mainstream

Thanks to the rise of cloud in 2017, many businesses are already using either on-premise or public cloud for workloads. 2018 will see the shift from cloud adoption to cloud optimization, with hybrid cloud and public cloud environments becoming mainstream as organizations take advantage of the hyperscalability and availability of public cloud to manage their workloads. This growth of public cloud usage means that security will also need to advance to protect this data.

3. 5G and Mobile Capabilities

One of the top trends for 2017 was the permeation of mobile. In 2018, mobile has become an assumption for technology, and with 5G fuelling mobile networks, smartphones will be capable of even more. Smartphone usage continues to grow, with more than 50% of searches being made on mobile, and 90% of mobile media time spent using apps. We can expect to see 5G accelerating the impact of mobile phones and mobile work capabilities this year. 

Although there are many other technology trends to look out for in 2018, one thing remains in common: technology is becoming more connected than ever, and adapting to technology trends can decide the success and growth of businesses.