Gibraltar Solutions
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Gibraltar Solutions employs a skilled team of multi-platform experts. We value our employees like family members and maintain happiness among our team with several perks.


Why Gibraltar?

  • Professional development
  • Full benefits
  • Group RRSP
  • Work/life balance
  • Flexible hours
  • Employee referral program
  • Social events
  • Gym membership subsidy

  • Who We Are at Gibraltar Solutions Inc.

    Gibraltar Solutions employs a skilled team of multi-platform experts. We look for confident, independent, dedicated individuals to join our family. We offer our employees several perks to ensure we maintain happiness amongst our people. We believe that our employees are our most valuable assets. 

    In a survey of our peers, Gibraltar consistently ranks among the highest of employee satisfaction, loyalty, and fun. We are also one of the best places to work, according to Aon Hewitt. We recognize and reward our people through compelling activities, professional development, and a family oriented work environment that truly cares about our people and their personal needs.


    Team Building

    We strive to create a team-based working environment that attracts and retains only the highest quality individuals.

    Family Oriented

    We are a family-oriented team that truly cares about our people and their personal needs. All of our team members are committed to meeting clients’ needs.

    Flat organizational structure

    Our relatively flat organizational structure empowers individuals and encourages independent decision-making.

    Benefits packages

    We provide an attractive benefits package that includes comprehensive life and disability insurance, as well as health and dental plans. All employees are eligible for a discretionary quarterly bonus or profit sharing regardless of their position. 

    Flexible hours

    We offer flex-hours wherever possible. We provide a program that allows consultants to work from home where applicable,  and have a BYOD policy where employees can bring their own laptops, iPads, smartphones, PDAs etc., to work.

    Professional growth

    Gibraltar provides professional development through technical and professional training and programs to ensure that we all stay ahead of the technology curve. We also encourage our people to participate in conventions and seminars.


    We give the unique opportunity for co-op students to join our family to learn, grow, and gain experience in the workplace. We provide the tools needed to help students embark on a journey of success.


    At Gibraltar, we believe that open communication is key to a productive working environment. Each team member is encouraged to discuss their career goals with their manager and plan a defined career path.