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Data Centre Services

Gibraltar offers data centre services including hyper converged infrastructure and cloud integration to help companies achieve a software-defined data centre.

Modern Data Centres: Digitally Transforming IT Infrastructure

Modern Data Centres start with IT infrastructure. There is a growing shift from traditional 3-tier and converged architectures towards software defined data centres, hyper converged and cloud infrastructure. Efficiency, flexibility and agility are key aspects that are leading companies to digitally transform their businesses. At Gibraltar Solutions, we help our clients adopt modern data centre infrastructure, so they can rapidly act and react to evolving business conditions and gain a competitive advantage.  

The Benefits of Data Centre Modernization

10 Benefits of Data Centre Modernization

HCI: Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Hyper Converged Infrastructure
Cloud Infrastructure

HCI combines the agility and one click simplicity of public cloud infrastructure with the security, control and economics required of modern data centres:

  • Compute, storage, networking, virtualization, & security all converged in a turnkey, software-driven solution
  • Rapid deployment in a little as 60 minutes, allowing businesses to run applications without waiting for infrastructure
  • Deploy any application on any cloud with one-click simplicity
  • Manage multicloud environments, core data centres, remote offices and edge deployments from a single management panel

Make a smooth transition to modernized data centres with Gibraltar Solutions.