Gibraltar Solutions


One of Ontario’s premier Nutanix partners, Gibraltar Solutions offers data centre modernization services with Nutanix’s world-class HCI technology.


Nutanix makes datacenter infrastructure invisible by delivering an Enterprise Cloud that enables IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.


Business Value

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5 Year TCO Savings
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Why Nutanix?

Only Nutanix provides true web-scale engineering married with consumer-grade management to simplify every aspect of the IT infrastructure lifecycle.





Bring uncompromising simplicity to every aspect of the infrastructure lifecycle, from buying and deploying to managing and scaling




Scale compute and storage quickly and incrementally, going from three servers to thousands with 100% predictable performance




Run any workload at any scale on a versatile infrastructure platform, eliminating silos and management complexity



Run business-critical and mission-critical applications on self-healing infrastructure that is built for always-on operation



Key Performance Improvements

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Nutanix Virtual Technology Bootcamp

Experience the power of Nutanix, hands-on!

Get hands-on with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Join a free one-hour Virtual Bootcamp and gain access to the hyperconvergence technology that powers the world’s most advanced datacenters.

In this 1 hour session you will:

  • Get hands-on with the newest Nutanix features and AHV built-in virtualization
  • Learn firsthand how to configure, manage and scale your infrastructure
  • Create your own network and VMs, track performance, and more!

Upon successful completion of the Nutanix Virtual Technology Bootcamp we'll send you a Bootcamp Survival Kit including:

  • Limited edition Nutanix Bootcamp t-shirt
  • Enterprise Cloud For Dummies book
  • Assorted Nutanix Laptop stickers


* Intro to Nutanix & the Enterprise Cloud
* Prism tour

Hands-on exercises:

* Create and update containers, networks, and VMs
* Clone and migrate VMs
* Track performance
* Create a PD and schedule to protect a set of VMs

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