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Gibraltar offers a number of enterprise-level IT services including workspace optimization, cloud integration, data centre modernization and cyber resilience.


Tailored Solutions for all of your needs.

Gibraltar Solutions specializes in the design, integration, and optimization of high-quality, enterprise-level IT infrastructure solutions. We help commercial, industrial and public-sector customers across Canada accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by designing and integrating IT solutions to improve customer experience, operational agility, and workforce enablement.


Project Services


 Gibraltar Solutions helps companies by providing services to assess, design, and implement IT solutions that accelerate digital transformation. Working with numerous organizations, from large global enterprises, to small regional businesses, we have successfully delivered thousands of projects over the years. This vast experience has allowed us to develop and apply the best practices when delivering IT solutions.  Our certified experts will help your organization leverage technologies to meet the demands of today's evolving digital landscape. 



Data Centre Modernization

Digital transformation starts with transitioning to a modern data centre infrastructure. Increasing the efficiency of company operations, costs, and resources allows businesses to be more productive. Data Centre modernization lets companies achieve new levels of efficiency and agility while engineering businesses for growth and innovation.

Cloud Integration

Cloud computing is a key pillar of the digital transformation process. The benefits of cloud integration are more relevant today than ever before. Faster speed to market, reduced operational costs, unlimited flexibility and scalability– these are just some of the major organizational benefits driving cloud adoption for many businesses.


Workspace Optimization

Workspace optimization is a key component of digital transformation that enhances end-user and customer experiences. Businesses can improve their application delivery, simplify operations management, and safeguard their data. This translates to increased profitability, productivity, and overall performance.

Cyber Resilience

In today's security landscape, cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and persistent. In 2016, the total number of reported breaches reached an all-time high of 4149, with over 4 billion data records exposed. This is a 4x increase since 2013. In order to defend against these attacks, it is necessary for cyber security to become more resilient, aware and responsive.

Procurement Services


At Gibraltar Solutions, we offer IT procurement services for all of our major vendors, as well as many niche vendors, to provide our clients with products to meet their specific needs. We have a dedicated team to determine the best products to match the technology demands of your organization. 

Get the most out of your IT investment by utilizing our strong vendor, manufacturer and distributor relationships. We make IT procurement simple by selecting the best technology from a variety of vendors at the best prices. 


Managed Services


Gibraltar Solutions employs years of IT experience and expertise across a vast number of technologies, and attention to detail in order to make sure your IT systems are operating optimally. 

After an assessment of your company's current IT infrastructure, we envision the necessary changes to make a system that will meet your requirements. Then we map the steps to upgrade your IT systems to achieve your digital transformation objectives.  Once we have piloted and implemented the solution, we will determine the best way for you to manage, maintain and support all of your systems going forward.

Managed Services Team
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Gibraltar Solutions serves a variety of clients across various sectors and industries. We have proudly and successfully served hundreds of customers in varying markets including Federal, Provincial and Municipal government, Education, Financial services, healthcare, professional services, engineering, food & agriculture, small and medium sized businesses, and large enterprises. 

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